Myo Durham Fitness and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy


We Love Results

Expert Physical Therapy

"Joel is so patient and really listens to your body’s feedback to accompany his own knowledge and intuition about treatment direction. He continually assesses the spine, muscles, joints, etc to be sure that he is addressing all concerns as thoroughly as possible."

- Dana G

Pain Management

I cannot say enough about Joel and his ability to provide true life-changing improvement in my chronic TMJ pain. I started receiving dry needling roughly a year ago. In just a few weeks I had significant decreases in headaches, blurred vision, jaw tightness, cramping, etc.

- Peyton N

We Love Results

From Surgery to Strength

"My doctor was not confident that I would be running at all this year after my surgery. I ran a 5k last week and my time was way closer to 25 minutes than to 30. That is in just over 6 months since my cast was taken off!"

- Erin A

Collegiate-Level Coaching

"With goals to play Division 1 softball, they work with me to become the best athlete I can be and to help me manage my pain and stay healthy. Both Joel and Ryan are so kind and have a great sense of humor, and never fail to make me laugh and put a smile on my face."

- Rachel S

Our Vision

Ryan and Joel met playing water polo for Triangle Water Polo Club in 2015. Since then they have shared a passion for fitness and have fostered a strong friendship. Their friendship continued with frequent discussions of fitness and strength training with a focus on scientific evidence and avoiding fad-based, marketing-based fitness programs.
With this in mind, they founded Myo Durham Fitness and Physical Therapy. They envision a company that fosters health and wellness while following the latest scientific evidence. They are keenly aware that for the best results one must take into account the most current literature, promote consistency, hard work, and have expert coaching to guide individuals to meet their fitness goals. Our goal is to reach the local Triangle community and provide the best fitness instruction and physical therapy.